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Do you keep silent? Or do you speak up?

Last week, many of us were shocked by the scandal at the The Voice Netherlands. A clearly unsafe environment was the scene of many instances of non-inclusive behaviour. For decades. Many knew, nobody did anything about it. Every few months, there is another similar story in the media.

Do you speak up? Is it safe to do so? Are you sure your organisation is 100 % OK?

Research shows that less than 20 % of colleagues will act when they hear, see or experience non-inclusive #behaviour at work. Read that again. 8 out of 10 people in the workplace keep silent when they witness #sexism, #racism or other discriminatory behaviour. As an #inclusiveleader, you can change that number by working on allyship, the word of the year 2021 (

Creating an #inclusiveculture is a #sharedresponsibility of all the people that form your workforce. It is always about #processes AND #behaviour.

Allyship translates an inclusion goal into everyday behaviour. Make sure you integrate allyship in your 2022 DEI agenda.

I am here to support you in 3 steps:

📍Make sure every single person in your organisation knows what non-inclusive behaviour is, by co-creating a charter for inclusive behaviour

📍Co-create a toolbox for creating a safer environment to speak up and everyday tips for becoming a better ally at work. Don't forget actions for repeated failure.

📍Practice what you preach and take a public stand as a leader.

Let's get to work, shall we? Join me at my next #freewebinar on March 9th at 9 am to learn more about how other companies work on allyship and how you can get started tomorrow. Just register here.

Would you rather talk in private? Just book your 1to1 Strategy Call in my calendar here .

Have a wonderful day, and remember to speak up.

Elke Jeurissen


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