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I believe that a diverse, inclusive professional world stimulates innovation, performance, personal growth and talent. I breathe this every day. I embrace all initiatives - academic, political, economic, media and social - that serve my purpose.




Elke Jeurissen

My solutions for inclusive leadership are based on best practices around the globe and the real life experience of hundreds of leaders. I never stop learning. I succeeded the INSEAD Gender Diversity Program. I am co-author of the book 'Who run the world, the power of female leadership' and frequently share my expertise in different media. I am Co-Founder of 72Hours Reload, unique experiences & encounters , international retreats for female leaders. As Projectmanager of, an initiative from the Flemish Government, I work on more diversity in the media, by making new voices and experts visible for journalists. I am co-founder and projectmanager of, inspiring young girls towards science & technology. Throughout my professional career in stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, public relations and public affairs, I had the pleasure to work with many leaders in the political, media, academic and business arena. I shared my vision on more than 100 conference stages.

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