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How to develop your full potential?

How do I keep my energy high? How do I move from being a doer to being a leader? How can I speak with more impact at every table? How to network the way you like it.

In 3 webinars of 60 minutes, you learn everything you need to develop your full potential. 

Including 10 exercises to develop your personal growth path.

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"Wow, I am not the only one.We all face the same challenges."

"Hands on tips to use immediately."

"Loved the positive energy."

"Everyone should have an undo list."

"It's ok to just be me."

Presented by Elke Jeurissen, Inclusive Leadership expert

In this growth academy, I share the lessons learned from the thousands of women in my network. Real life examples and real life solutions. In 2012, I started Straffe Madammen & Fierce Ladies, on a mission to make women in leadership more visible in media, in companies and on conference stages. In 2016 I cofounded 72Hours Reload, international leadership retreats for women. 

In this growth academy we will cover 3 topics

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