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6/6 - How to build an inclusive company culture - 5 drivers for change

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Don't fix the people, fix the culture. Take a dive into diversity & inclusion practices that actually work built around 5 change drivers. About this event If you are new to the topic, you will soon discover that there is much to learn about what is holding diverse talent back to reach their full leadership potential. Instead of focusing on fixing the people, we need to focus on fixing the company culture. Inclusive Leadership Elke Jeurissen explains how you can take the next step towards more diversity and inclusion. For everyone interested in developing more diversity in leadership. Leaders, HR Managers, D&I taskforce members... Agenda 👉🏾 Why you should care: how building an inclusive organisation is the only way to attract, keep and fully develop the best talent out there 👉 How inclusive organisations work: insights into my "5 drivers for inclusive leadership" model, sharing many examples of how others make it happen 👉🏻How to work on your culture: a 3 step process for real change, built on awareness, co-creation and accountability

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