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Hi there, How are you doing? I hope you are reloading on energy, contacts, laughs and friends this summer. It feels so good to finally reconnect in person, doesn't it? For the first time ever, I am enjoying 1 month off work in July to celebrate a special anniversary. On May 1st 2001, I stopped having a boss and started my own business. Twenty years later, I am grateful and often in wonder of how those years passed so quickly. So many great projects, so many special encounters, so many trusted clients, so many great partners in crime.

Just for fun, this summer, I will share stories of the past 20 years on my Linkedin page. All the projects I worked for have always been and will always be about 3 must haves:

🏄‍♀️ having fun

👑 being surrounded by challenging partners & clients

✌️ earning a living

🍀 having the freedom to organise my own agenda.

What is your work about for you? Has that changed in the past year?

Let me know after your holiday.

Enjoy the summer,


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